Budget Office Renovation

What will come to your mind when you wish to start a small office? Or your firm is downsizing to a smaller space? Definitely, budget would be the top item in your priority list. Rental of office space is important factor to keep a business afloat. It’s a monthly fixed expense no matter how is your business revenue performance. Many businesses move to cheaper rental location when market sentiment turn bearish.

Rentals of shop office located at semi-outskirt area are generally lower as compare to office units located in town centre and foods are generally affordable compare to town centre. However, a few aspects have to be taken into consideration when choosing to locate office at semi-outskirt zone.

1. Security – no security during night time and non-gated           

2. Company image – especially if your business is consulting firm or providing professional services to big clients

3. Connectivity – staff must be easily accessible to workplace

In order to save cost on massive renovation, company can opt to get agent to find office spaces previously occupied by other firms where fixtures remain when tenant moved out. Choose among the available units which could be easily modified to suit current requirements. Air-conditioners, workstations and some of rooms would most likely be able to recycle and add new life to it. Power sockets, Local Area Network and telephone points could be recycled to some extent and of course some modifications are unavoidable.

Example 1:

An office of approximately 1070sqft located in town centre and about 400 meters away from MRT station. The office equipped with 2 manager rooms, a store, a meeting room, a semi-closed pantry and an open reception. The tenant decided to move to sub-urban zone due to slower business performance and dim prospects. They have already relocated workstations and furniture to new space, others things remain. The new tenant is an audit firm. He engaged a Design and Build firm to handle renovation and relocation task. The boss wish to keep 2 rooms for manager and senior executives. Other walls to tear down to create an open space with new workstations and filing compactors from previous office. A new coat of paint on walls. All lights to be reused with control switches relocated to new position and air-conditioners remain in working condition. New power sockets and Local Area Network. The total cost of renovation is slightly exceeding RM20,000.00

Example 2:

An office of approximately 750sqft located in Bangsar South area which was part of the 6300 sqft of a public listed company office. All the manager rooms, workstations, furniture, fixtures and air-conditioners left untouched to offset outstanding rentals when tenant moved out. The landlord decided to divide the big places to 3 units of offices. This 750sqft unit is to be occupied by a small consulting firm. They will make use of the current 6 units workstations and room previously used as Server room for one of the manager and build another room for another manager. The total cost of renovation only RM18,000.00

The rationale of the above examples are : one of the method to save cost on office renovation is to find suitable office previously occupied with fixtures and to do some sort of modifications to suit new requirements. Discuss with an experienced Design and Build firm will get the job done without hassle.

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