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Office Renovation and Interior Design play an important role in promoting organization’s image and philosophy.

For instance, the design of a Reception area would give the first impression to visitor who visiting your premises. Therefore, it’s ultimately necessary to convey corporate values / beliefs to interior designer when planning a new place.

A meticulously design theme matches with functional layout also improve productivity of firm and able to attract and retain young workforce.


Space Planning

Space planning is research of how to fully utilize a given space effectively and workout layout to fulfil functions and requirements of a particular renovation exercise.


Lighting is more than just to brighten up a space. Poor lighting design can either be too glaring or insufficient. Insufficient lighting will affect productivity. Very often Interior designer also cleverly uses soft / conceal/ indirect LED warm light to create a cosy and romantic ambience.


Conceptualization about the process of figuring out whole idea of how to create an impact-orientated renovation task.


Poor electrical circuit planning will end up frequent tripping or power failure and will affect productivity. Dealing with an experienced wireman will eliminate possible hassle.

Selection of Materials

Material selection is the exercise of choosing the right materials among variety of available options and to ensure renovation cost within the allocated budget.

Local Area Network

Local Area Network (LAN) is computer network that connecting computers within an office or premises. It’s also commonly found LAN network links to internal or external server. LAN network also caters for IP phones (Internet telephony) for big organizations.

3D Perspective

3D perspective is rendering of 3 dimensional visual generated by computer software. 3D perspective enable customer to see renovation before actually built.


Air-conditioners are unavoidable in closed premises such as office. Choosing the right type of air-conditioning system could be a headache to many of us. Several factors need serious considerations to achieve a balance in term of electricity tariff and investment in equipment.

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