Type of air-conditioning system

When you have a premises needed to be air-conditioned, what type of air-conditioner to choose from? The premises can be home, office, café, restaurant or classroom. There are many types of air-conditioning system in the market. In this writeup will only covers few types commonly found in smaller spaces. M&E experts will normally get involved in larger projects.

Below are commonly found air-conditioning systems:

1) Non-inverter R22 wall and cassette split type

R22 also known as Freon. Production of R22 air-conditioner discontinued several years ago due to danger of environment. But R22 refrigerant still available in the market for a period of time. The old R22 unit still be able to run for an unknown period of time.

2) Non-inverter R410 wall and cassette split type

R410 also known as Puron. R22 refrigerant will be phased out soon and to be replaced by R410 refrigerant which is environmentally friendly. R410 refrigerant is selling at higher price as compare to R22. Therefore, it makes servicing of R410 air-conditioner costlier than R22 air-conditioner. 

3) Inverter R410 wall and cassette split type

The selling point of Inverter air-conditioner is that the motor of inverter compressor equipped with a variable speed sensor. The sensor is able to adjust the power according to the room temperature. Hence, able to lower down electricity consumption to achieve energy saving.

Inverter air-conditioner is equipped with several sensors and processors to detect temperature and automatically adjust motor speed. Those processors are costly and special device required to detect the failure.

In my opinion, saving from electricity tariff will only justifiable provided air-conditioners to be used for long hours and total number exceeding 6 units  

4) Inverter R32 wall and cassette split type

R32 air-conditioner producers claim R32 more energy efficient than R410. But didn’t gain popularity among installers.

 5) Ceiling conceal ducted split unit R410

One compressor can cater for 2 units ceiling conceal blowers located above ceiling. Available in both Inverter and Non-inverter

6) VRV or VAV (Variable Air Valve) split system

VRV system is a multi-split type air-conditioning system that requires small space for outdoor compressor unit and able to cater for multi indoor blower units (ceiling conceal/ wall / cassette / floor stand). VRV is derived from the technology called “variable refrigerant volume” where the technology only circulates minimum volume of refrigerant required at one time to gain individual temperature control of each room/zone. Investment in equipment of VRV system is at the high side as compare to other systems listed above. Energy efficiency is superb and can match with various type of indoor unit to suit interior design of building.

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