Budget Kitchen Cabinet

Over the weekend, an idea may just pop up that it’s time for you to revamp the current ugly kitchen. Or thinking of building a decent kitchen for your new apartment BUT without having to break the bank.

The very initial thing to do is getting the layout plan ready. It can be straight, L shaped, U shaped, with an island in between or breakfast counter for light meal and for chill-out moment with loved ones.

Contact an experienced Design and Build firm to assist you would make things get done easy and hassle-free. The designer would be able to draw the layout and elevations as per your preferred orientation and style. If you have no idea at all about kitchen style, you may just pop in few kitchen showrooms in town. Or get the designer to suggest a few options for you to choose from. It’s is always a better idea to draw a 3D Perspective if you can afford the luxury of a big kitchen.

When the drawings all ready to your satisfaction, it’s time for you to choose what type of material to be used for your kitchen cabinet. The materials to be used will determine and make huge different to the total cost of kitchen cabinet. Choosing the right worktop is ultimately important because worktop is most vulnerable to potential deterioration of kitchen cabinet simply due to housing of washing sink. Once the worktop in trouble, the whole kitchen cabinet is gone. Therefore, invest in a long-lasting worktop is justifiable unless that kitchen cabinet is meant for short or medium term like the case of a rented office. 

A reinforced concrete top with tiled finish will last decades if constructed in proper manner. For the bottom sink doors and drawers, there are various options available to suit your budget. The concrete top will not be affected when the sink doors and drawers may deteriorate over time where we can get it replaced. The cheapest material is Melamine particle boards which do come in appealing wood look ( as per photo ). Long horizontal drawer is a trend if your kitchen cabinet is big enough to cater for one or two rows. Another fantastic material is to have acrylic panel aluminium frame bottom unit ( as per photo in white) which is waterproof and will last few decades if handle with cares. Perforated panels are available for ventilation at designated area like gas compartment, underneath sink and oven area. Unfortunately, panels only available in solid colour and choices are limited. Other available materials like high glossy panel, laminate finish, solid wood, wood veneer surface and etc.

You may also request designer to incorporate backsplash to kitchen cabinet which would provide fantastic ambience with the dimmer controlled light turn on in the beautiful evenings. Of course, with the main light turned off. There are huge variety of backsplash materials to choose from in the market ranging from colour glass to odd sized / patterned porcelain tiles.

As for the wall hung unit, it would be great to use the same material consistently but not necessary. One important thing is to consider to close gap between the top cabinet and ceiling which will eliminate much cleaning effort at later stage.

The position of power sockets for suction hood, cooker, microwave, blender, oven and other devices needed to be predetermined for contractor to get ready cables at the precise position.  The suction hood is a must whenever possible to have one in kitchen to suck out hazardous air. It’s always our recommendation to have an oversized stainless-steel sink which you are able to dip in wok for washing. There are other kitchen accessories such as pull out can basket, vertical lift mechanism, hanging rod and etc.

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