3D Perspective

When you get the key from real estate agent or from developer’s office for your apartment which you will call it “home”. Now is your mission to convert it to “Sweet Dream Home” within your budget permitted. You may have taken photos of hotel and resort rooms during your previous vacations. Or you like the way your friend’s house being decorated. Those photos could be useful to convey your message to the designer.

Contact an experienced Design and Build firm would be cost-effective and rather easy to deal with. The designer will begin with hand drawn sketches from the understandings of messages conveyed to him/her. Therefore, your briefings should be as informative as possible to lead the way to the desired 3D Perspective. The theme of the renovation is important. Just to name a few ie : “ Minimalist” , “Industrial look”, “ Zen “ or “ Japanese type” , “Tropical” , “Balinese” , “ Scandinavian”, “Neo Classical” and etc. If you do not know much about design theme then reference photos would play important role for designer to read it from. The information gathered would be input to 3D software to generate 3D Perspective.

A good-looking 3D Perspective visual must combine design aspects of ceiling, wall, floor and content (furniture and etc) in that particular room. The accuracy of a successful 3D Perspective can be as close as 90% when the renovations are completely built. Just imagine how useful it can be when you can see the renovations before there are actually built and make necessary changes before too late due to possible wrong decision-making or overlooks. That could lead to argument with contractor due to miss-understandings.

The Design and Build firm may charge you a sum of RM1000 for 2 pieces of 3D Perspective visuals. And most likely they will absorb and offer a rebate if the whole renovation job is awarded to that particular firm. Further discussion could be held to gain a better deal from the economy of scale.  

The conclusion is that, 3D Perspective would provide house owner a clear picture of the renovations in advance for the budget allocated for. This will avoid the possible trap of overshoot budget due to unclearly defined scope of works in agreed quotation.

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